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Insight: Methane Leak Flights / Pet Tales: Winterizing / Barry McGovern / Iris DeMent

Published November 28, 2012

Methane Leak Flights - A faulty gas pipeline can release dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere but it can also be deadly, as we learned from a San Bruno pipeline explosion two years ago. These dangers make UC Davis Atmospheric Scientist Stephen Conley's work ever more important. He is flying a plane equipped with methane detecting instruments over Northern California to survey 600 miles of Pacific Gas and Electric pipeline, in search of leaks. Conley joins us with fellow UC Davis researcher Ian Faloona to discuss the dangers of gas leaks and how atmospheric science can reduce the risks these leaks pose.

Pet Tales-Winterizing - If you've read a weather forecast lately (or been outside) you're probably all too aware that the sunny days are behind us and winter will soon be here. You may be prepared for the change in weather -it is the end of November- but what about your pets? Do you have a plan to keep your pup from tracking mud in the house or to stop your kitty from getting stuck in the rain? Here for our monthly signature segment Pet Tales with a few tips on how to winterize your house -and your pets- is Gina Spadafori, a pet expert who has authored several pet books.

Barry McGovern - Making a 2,000 year old Greek tragedy accessible to a modern American audience isn't a job most theater directors would fight over. But most theater directors aren't Irish actor Barry McGovern, who you might have seen in such Hollywood films as "Braveheart" or "Far and Away," or maybe the touring stage production of Samuel Becket's "Waiting for Godot." McGovern is the current UC Davis Granada Artist-in-Residence, and has taken on the Euripides' classic "The Bacchae" by setting it amidst the rock and roll scene of the1960's. The show runs from November 29 to December 8 at the Main Theatre in Wright Hall at UC Davis.

Iris DeMent - It's been 16 years since Grammy-nominated country-folk singer Iris DeMent released an album. That's a long wait, but most critics are saying it was well worth it. Her new album "Sing the Delta" features 12 original songs that reestablish DeMent as one of America's greatest country music treasures. She's performing at Miner's Foundry in Nevada City this Saturday -only one of three stops in California.


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